Our Research

GTC Scotland’s strategic aim is to inspire world-class teaching professionalism.  Our research focus for the next 3 years supports that ambition and focuses on the following themes:

Theme 1Encouraging Registrant Engagement with Research
Theme 2Supporting Enquiry
Theme 3Understanding Registrants
Theme 4Informing the Education System

GTC Scotland believes that the teaching profession should be both research engaged and research informed. This position underpins the Research Strategy.

To ensure best practice and embrace the values and commitments set out in the Professional Standards, GTC Scotland is committed to developing as an ‘enquiring organisation’.   

Online Access to Education Journals

We provide all registrants with free online access to education journals Education Source – EBSCO package and the Leadership & Management Learning Centre. Education Source is a collection of over 1,700 education journals.

Registrants can also access Accel5 via their MyGTCS account. Accel5 has hundreds of eBooks and short webinars focusing on leadership and management.

Research Advice

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