Becoming a teacher


Teaching is a rewarding, challenging career that gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with children and young people in a wide variety of settings.

Whatever route you chose to go down, whether it be primary or secondary, you need to be registered with GTC Scotland. To gain registration you need to hold an appropriate qualification.

If you hold a first/undergraduate degree (a bachelor’s degree) then, depending on the sector/ subject you wish to teach, the minimum qualification you may need is a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) or equivalent.

If you don’t hold a first degree then you’ll need to gain a degree-level qualification that allows entry to the relevant Primary or Secondary PGDE programme or complete a degree that incorporates a teaching qualification.

Initial Teacher Education programmes

GTC Scotland accredits all programmes of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Scotland.

For more details on the teaching programmes available in Scotland, please see the Teach in Scotland and UCAS websites.

Entry requirements

We set the minimum entry requirements for Scottish ITE programmes. These are explained in our Memorandum on Entry Requirements.

It is for ITE providers to decide whether to accept or reject an applicant in line with their general admissions policy. Because some programmes are very popular, ITE providers may require applicants to have more than the minimum entry requirements. ITE providers also look for evidence that applicants have the necessary qualities for, and commitment to, teaching as a career. All enquiries about qualifications should be directed to the ITE providers. Providers are listed in Appendix A of the Memorandum:

Becoming a teacher guides

Our Becoming a Teacher guide provides information on being a teacher in Scotland and the routes available to becoming a teacher.

Whether you are a fluent speaker, an experienced learner or somebody with basic or no Gaelic at the moment, our Becoming a Gaelic Teacher booklet is designed to help you begin your journey towards teaching in Gaelic in Scotland. This is available in English and Gaelic.