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Working at GTC Scotland

Our values

Trust and Respect

We know that GTC Scotland is about all of us and that we are all equally important. We actively seek out and listen to the views of others. We support each other and take time to build positive working relationships. We recognise and celebrate success and strive to deliver high-quality services to registrants.


We do what we say we will. Our integrity is important to us and at GTC Scotland we deliver on our plans and effectively communicate with registrants, our partners, the public, our Council members and within the organisation. We are committed to continual learning and improving what we do.

Social Justice

Working at GTC Scotland means to embrace diversity and recognise and celebrate differences. We understand that effective wellbeing is at the heart of professionalism and seek to support each other and our registrants. We take our responsibility to actively challenge discrimination seriously.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

GTC Scotland is dedicated to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

Equality, diversity and inclusion statement

At GTC Scotland we aim to be a world-leading organisation, and equality, diversity and inclusion is an essential part of that.

GTC Scotland believes that excellence will be achieved through recognising the value of every individual.

We acknowledge the following basic rights for all those currently, or prospectively, involved in carrying out our work:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect;
  • To be treated fairly with regard to all procedures, assessments and choices; and
  • To be encouraged to reach their full potential.

Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Our equality, diversity and inclusion policy demonstrates our commitment to the promotion of equality and diversity and how we take equality into consideration in everything we do.

Our Flexible Working vision

We are transforming the way we work together to help us all lead happy and healthy lives. If we’re happy and healthy then it should help us do our work well and enjoy it.

Flexible working has lots of other benefits. It will help make GTC Scotland an excellent place to work and widen out who might want to come and work with us, enhancing our diversity. It will help build our organisational resilience and adaptability meaning we stand a better chance of being able to keep our services going if global pandemics and other unpredictable events continue to affect us. It also gives us an opportunity to change things up and modernise by optimising our use of technology and building meaningful, focused face-to-face collaboration and connection. There’s a good chance that being free to work where and when we want will mean we become more creative and innovative in how we work and help us ensure a positive working culture that is defined by mutual trust and respect. We might just help the planet in the process too by reducing travel and improving our carbon footprint.

Please remember that this transformation process is an opportunity to learn and adjust together – we are always learning – we will keep it under constant review and change and refine it as and when we need to.