The General Teaching Council for Scotland


Our Research

We perform research into teacher's experiences with our services.

Online Access to Education Journals

We provide all registrants with free online access to education journals Education Source - EBSCO package and the Leadership & Management Learning Centre. Education Source is a collection of over 1,700 education journals.

Current Academic/ Practitioner Research

In this area we feature recently completed or published research. This could be practitioner, academic and/ or grant funded educational research.

Recommended Research and Reading

We know teachers are 'interest rich and time poor' so in this area the Research Engagement Group recommends a selection of education journals that may be of interest.

Research Engagement Group

A Research Engagement Group has been set up to help support, promote and facilitate critical engagement with research. A range of colleagues across the education community who are currently actively engaged with educational research and/ or supporting others engaging with research were invited to be part of the group.

Education Source - EBSCO

To access the Education Source collection you need to log in to your MyGTCS account.