Probationer teachers

Teacher Induction Scheme

The Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS) provides a guaranteed 1-year training post in a local authority to every eligible student graduating with a teaching qualification from one of Scotland’s Higher Education Institutions. 

GTC Scotland is responsible for the administration of the scheme, on behalf of Scottish Government. 

The scheme is not compulsory; you can choose to follow the Flexible Route instead. TIS allows probationer teachers to be considered for Full Registration within one school year (190 teaching days). It offers several benefits, including: 

  • a maximum class contact time of 0.8 full time equivalent (GTC Scotland endorsed) 
  • dedicated time set aside for Professional Learning  
  • access to a teacher with Full Registration for support throughout the induction year. 
Who is eligible to join the Teacher Induction Scheme?

Higher Education Institutions let us know who is eligible for the Teacher Induction Scheme. Please contact your Higher Education Institution directly if you require information on your eligibility. 

Students from Scotland, other parts of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, who are studying at a Scottish Higher Education Institution are eligible to join TIS.  

These students are recruited within the controlled numbers which have been set for teacher workforce planning purposes. Participation in TIS is not compulsory for these students, and some may choose to follow the Flexible Route which is less structured and may better suit their personal circumstances. 

Students from the EU who fall into the categories below are eligible for TIS: 

  • hold settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) or 
  • have applied for settled or pre-settled status but have not yet received a decision (individuals in this group can evidence their rights using their Certificate of Application which is issued after a valid application to the EUSS is received) 

People who arrived in the UK after 31 December 2020 are subject to new immigration rules and are not eligible for TIS. 

Students from outside the UK who arrived in the UK after 31 December 2020, and who choose to attend a Scottish Higher Education Institution to train as a teacher are not recruited within this controlled number and are therefore ineligible to join TIS.

These students can follow the Flexible Route if they are able to remain in Scotland on completion of their studies. Find out more about the Flexible Route.

How do I apply for the Teacher Induction Scheme?

Eligible student teachers apply for Provisional Registration using our Student Application Form, which is made available in November. The form asks you to indicate, in preference order, the five Local Authority areas that you would be willing to work in for your induction year. Find out more about applying for Provisional Registration in our Student area.

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