Requesting a Teacher Induction Scheme deferral

There are times when a provisionally registered teacher may be unable to take up or continue their induction. In these cases a deferral request form should be completed and sent to us. An GTC Scotland panel will decide if a deferral will be granted.

Student teachers: you can request to defer via your Higher Education Institution before starting the Teacher Induction Scheme placement.

Probationer teachers: you can request to defer after you have started your placement, not later than 30 November

Deferral requests

All requests to defer are considered by a GTC Scotland panel.

If you wish to defer, read the Deferral Policy, which outlines the reasons accepted for making a deferral.

If you are eligible, please download and complete the deferral request form.

Teacher Induction Scheme Deferral Policy

Deferral Request Form

Appealing against a decision of the deferral panel

Appeals against a decision of the deferral panel must be submitted in writing within 14 days of being informed of the decision. To appeal, please use the following form.

Appeal against decision of assessment panel in relation to deferral request

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