A teacher who holds Full Registration has a maximum of 22.5 hours of class contact (actual teaching) each week on a full-time basis. 

Provisionally registered teachers have less class contact time to allow them to participate in professional learning to meet the Standard for Full Registration.

A provisionally registered teacher’s timetable should include:

  • 18 hours of teaching (0.8 full-time equivalent). This may increase to a maximum of 0.82 FTE.

Primary teachers

The whole of the 0.8 FTE should normally be spent with one class.

Secondary teachers

Your timetable should be equivalent to a maximum of 0.8 FTE of a full-time teacher’s timetable. 

Where this is not possible, a minimum of 0.55 FTE should be spent in the category and subject of registration.

You should teach a spread of year groups.

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