Withdrawing from the Teacher Induction Scheme

Some provisionally registered teachers decide to withdraw from the Teacher Induction Scheme. They can follow the Flexible Route or choose to leave teaching.

If you are thinking about withdrawing from the Teacher Induction Scheme and following the Flexible Route, speak to your local authority probation manager.

If you want to follow the Flexible Route, the probation manager will help you to make sure that your probation profile is as complete as possible. Find out more about the Flexible Route.

Once the probation manager has received an official withdrawal notice from you, they will withdraw you within the profile system.

They will also confirm the number of teaching days you have completed satisfactorily. Only service that has been confirmed as satisfactory by the school and probation manager can be transferred to the Flexible Route.

If you leave between review points, you can make a claim for additional satisfactory service to be added. You must discuss this with the probationer manager and then send the request form to us. 

Read the withdrawal policy and if you wish, complete the withdrawal request form.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal request form

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