Potential MyGTCS errors

You may encounter an error message when using the MyGTCS platform. We appreciate the demands on teachers’ time and that this can be frustrating.

There can be a few different reasons for receiving an error message, but the most common errors are:

  1. Performance issues
  2. System errors
  3. Website maintenance

1. MyGTCS performance issues

We’re aware of some performance issues on MyGTCS currently. If you see this message, this could mean that we are experiencing a higher volume of users accessing the platform. Current peak times are Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm.

We have been investigating the issues being experienced and have established that they are connected to the underlying technology on which the system is built. The MyGTCS platform as a whole is now old in technology terms, which unfortunately means it has performance issues and limitations beyond our control.

As a result, we are taking the following steps to improve the experience for our users:

  • As part of our new 2023-28 strategic plan, we are currently developing a completely new MyGTCS platform that will modernise and enhance the digital experience for our registrants
  • In the shorter term we are making a number of improvements to the MyPL part of the platform (based on user feedback) to simplify the process of recording professional learning and completing professional update (PU).

Read about the improvements being made to MyPL in the coming months.

2. System errors

If something goes wrong and you are not able to complete an action on the MyGTCS platform, it may be because of an error or ‘bug’ in the system that is causing it to work incorrectly.

It is important for us to fix these errors to ensure MyGTCS is easy to use and efficient. If you continue have issues with the platform, please get in touch and include any information about the steps taken before you came across the error.

3. Website maintenance

We sometimes carry out scheduled updates to improve MyGTCS. If we are carrying out site maintenance, details of the estimated timeframe and the impacts it could have on the platform will be displayed on the MyGTCS login page.

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