Further improvements to MyPL

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In 2024 we will be making key changes to MyPL, aimed at improving the platform and your experience using it. The first round of these updates happened in February 2024 and involved:

  • a new homepage
  • a new expanded Professional Update (PU) section
  • changes to make it easier for you to view your next PU year and make and any requests to bring forward or delay the date

Further improvements

The next round of updates is scheduled for May 2024. Improvements will be made to the Professional Learning (PL) section, and aim to make it quicker and easier for you to log Professional Learning.

With these updates, we have reduced the number of entry fields for entering information on your Professional Learning. Any information you have previously entered will be migrated to the ‘Optional notes’ field, or ‘Impact’ field if the information was previously entered as a ‘Reflection on Impact’.

The new Professional Learning section includes an 'Optional notes' and 'Impact' field, where any information previously entered in Professional Learning will be migrated to.

We are also creating a new ‘Archived Entries’ area, where you can save your PL entries from previous years.