McLean McIntosh

McLean McIntosh began his career in education in 2000 teaching mathematics at Falkirk College of Further and Higher Education. Over time his role evolved and he secured a permanent post as a lecturer in the Core Skills team.  On completion of his TQFE at Dundee University in 2008, McLean secured a secondment to the role of Acting Curriculum and Quality Leader for the Access to Higher Education programmes.  It was during this phase he developed an interest and indeed a passion for Quality in Education.

More recently, he’s completed an MA in Online and Distance Education with the Open University.  This has opened up a whole new chapter in McLean’s professional development because it has both helped him to ensure that his teaching during the pandemic has been based on sound pedagogical approaches and enabled him to network with an academic community and engage in scholarship activities in a way that has opened his eyes to networking, curating, sharing and being part of a worldwide academic community.

McLean’s future interests are in the area of communities of learning and how we go about rebuilding hybrid communities following the pandemic, and he hopes that this will become the focus of his research in his upcoming Doctorate of Education research degree.


Watch McLean discuss how he used scholarship and action research in his practice

In this 6-minute video, McLean talks with former GTC Scotland Senior Education Officer Pam Currie.

Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges in action

3.1 Ongoing professional learning

3.1.1 Uses the Professional Standards to inform practice and ongoing professional learning and development.
3.1.2 Reflects critically on own practice and engages in professional dialogue with others.
3.1.3 Continuously and actively engages with up to date research and developments in learning, teaching and assessment to inform practice.
3.1.4 Engages in collaborative professional enquiry to develop knowledge and practice to enhance the student experience and outcomes.
3.1.5 Engages with technology and digital literacies to enhance opportunities for collaborative practice and professional learning.

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