The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Routes to professional registration for secondary teachers in an additional subject


  • Do you hold full registration?
  • Have you met the academic requirement for registration in the additional subject?
  • For registration in a Modern Foreign Language - have you met the foreign residency requirement?

Academic Requirement

You must normally have completed degree-level study of the additional subject which is worth 80 Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework (SCQF) credit points. At least 40 of these credit points must be at SCQF level 8 or above.

Please note that some secondary education subjects have specific academic requirements.

Evidence of academic study

We will require evidence of any relevant academic study (i.e. degree level study of the additional subject) you have completed to be submitted with your application form. This is to allow us to ascertain whether you have met the academic requirement for registration in the additional subject.

This evidence may include:

  • Degree certificate, if your degree was in the additional subject and this is clearly indicated by the degree title (only applies if the subject does not have specific entry requirements);
  • Academic transcript(s), showing a breakdown of all the modules you studied within your degree (and/or any other degree level programmes you may have completed). NB if your degree was awarded in the UK/EEA we can accept a Diploma Supplement or HEAR document in place of a transcript;
  • Official pass sheets, giving details of individual modules completed outside of a degree and/or other degree-level programme, e.g. Open University modules;
  • Module descriptors, detailed descriptors of modules completed during a degree and/or other degree-level programme or on an individual basis. Module descriptors will only be required if the content of the module is not clear from its title.

The above information should be issued by the awarding institution: we cannot accept any unofficial course information.

Important: Failure to provide evidence of relevant academic study will result in your application being delayed and/or closed.

You do not need to submit evidence of academic study which was not relevant to the additional subject - e.g. do not include a copy of your degree transcript if your degree included no study of the additional subject. We will also not require a copy of your initial teacher education qualification.

Referees/Probation Requirement

You are required to nominate two referees. These should include a referee from your current school and, if you have already been teaching the additional subject, a referee who can comment on this service.

When adding additional subjects to your registration the standard probationary period applied to the new subject area is 135 days (FTE). This can be completed alongside the initial teaching subject and candidates will be expected to meet the Standard For Full Registration in the additional subject.

Where candidates have already been teaching in the additional subject, and this can be confirmed by satisfactory reports from the candidate's nominated referees, a reduction in this standard probationary period may be possible.

NB You must obtain full registration within 3 years or your registration in the new subject will be removed.

Important: Failure to nominate suitable referees, or of your referees to provide reports, will result in your application being delayed and/or closed.

It is strongly advised that you only submit your application once you have evidence of your relevant academic study to hand.

After receipt of your application, we can only allow a total of 56 days for you to submit any evidence of relevant academic study which is missing from your application. The same amount of time is allowed for completed reference reports to be provided by your nominated referees.

If these items are not received within 28 days you will be sent a reminder letter advising that you have a final 28 days for these to be received before your application has to be closed.

Modern Foreign Languages

If you are applying to register in a Modern Foreign Language you will need to meet the foreign residency requirement before you submit your application. You will need to provide satisfactory evidence of your foreign residency with your application.


For more information, Please contact:

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