Probationer teachers

The Flexible Route

The Flexible Route is a way to complete probationary service for teachers who:

  • have decided to opt out of the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS)
  • are not eligible to join TIS
  • want the flexibility of working part-time
  • want to complete their probationary period somewhere other than a Scottish local authority school
  • are already fully registered in one or more subject(s) / sectors and looking to gain Professional Registration in an additional subject
  • For more information on Professional Registration click here.

Probationers following the Flexible Route will often have different:

  • amounts of teaching experience
  • lengths of probationary service to complete
  • employment opportunities in their area
  • support networks available to them

If you choose to follow the Flexible Route to reach the Standard for Full Registration, you will need a minimum of 190 days of satisfactory teaching service.

The Flexible Route is changing

From 1 August 2023, the Flexible Route is changing.

This will mean changes to the requirements for both new and existing probationers and for teachers who are adding a subject or sector to their existing GTC Scotland registration. Advice for them, and the headteachers who support them, is available below.

Finalised arrangements for the implementation of the policy will be published here in due course.

Advice for Probationers and Headteachers on new Flexible Route requirements
Finding employment on the Flexible Route
On the Flexible Route, you are responsible for finding your own employment. If you are looking for teaching posts in a Scottish local authority school, including supply work, all external vacancies are advertised through MyJobScotland. If you are seeking work in an independent school or outside Scotland, many establishments advertise on the TES website.
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