Ways to complete probation through the Flexible Route

A key requirement for the Flexible Route probationary period is that you demonstrate meeting the competencies of the Standard for Full Registration and engage in associated Professional Learning relevant to the subject(s) in which you qualified.

Ways to complete your probationary service include:

  • teaching on supply or completing fixed-term contracts within Scotland
  • teaching in the Scottish independent sector
  • completing probation outside Scotland, including overseas

Teaching on Supply

The most common way for provisionally registered teachers on the Flexible Route to build up their teaching service is through employment in supply posts or by completing temporary contracts in Scottish local authority schools.

Long-term supply

If you are completing all or the majority of your probation in one school, your probationary service should follow a structured process. Each element will act as a building block in developing your document-based report. These are used to evidence that you are meeting the SFR.

It’s important that you gather your paperwork and record your evidence as you go along. You may have access to a support network throughout your probationary service. For ore details visit the support section.

Short-term supply

Teaching opportunities can differ greatly and depending on how you undertake your teaching service, you may not be able to complete your full probationary requirement in a structured way.

You are, however, still required to complete each of the elements covered in the probation process section. It’s therefore important that you gather all of your paperwork and record your service as you go along. See the recording your service section for further details on what you are required to complete.

Although you may be working irregularly, and in different schools, you may still have access to a support network. For more details visit the support section.

Teaching in the Scottish independent sector

Probationary service can be completed within a Scottish independent school.

Most independent schools provide experiences similar to the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS), whereby provisionally registered teachers are considered for Full Registration after one academic year (190 days), of continuous, full-time, relevant and satisfactory teaching service in one school.

Where experiences are not closely aligned to the Teacher Induction Scheme, you would be expected to complete a minimum of 190 days.

Completing probation outside Scotland

Some teachers on the Flexible Route choose to complete their probationary period outside Scotland.

Teaching service in other parts of the UK or beyond may be acceptable provided the teaching service is relevant to your teaching qualification and reports are submitted to us on document-based report forms.

Full Registration can only be awarded if you have paid your annual GTC Scotland registration fee and your name appears on the Register of Teachers.

The number of days that you will need to complete is dependent on your circumstances. Please contact the Early Careers Team for more specific details.

Teaching Service

The length of service you will need to complete depends on your circumstances.

  • Just completed your Initial Teacher Education programme: a minimum of 190 days to complete.
  • Started the Teacher Induction Scheme and withdrew: credited with the satisfactory days as confirmed by your local authority at the point of withdrawal.
  • Qualified outside Scotland: the number of days of satisfactory service required will be determined by your case assessor at the point of application.

On the Flexible Route:

  • a minimum of 55% of your probation service must be in your registration category
  • a maximum of 45% of your probation service can be completed in any other category, for example, Additional Support Needs.

Gaining experience

You will need to gain a variety of teaching experiences, documenting these experiences as you go along.


For primary, it is important that you have responsibility for teaching the whole curriculum. If you are able to work with a supporter to help you during your probation period, you can discuss your teaching and development needs with them and record the discussions in your profile.


For secondary, it is important to show that you have:

  • had sole responsibility for teaching the subject(s) in which you are Provisionally Registered
  • taught a wide range of classes across different year groups. Where possible this would include certificate-level classes.

Timescale for completion

If you began probation after 1 August 2023, Full Registration should be obtained no later than 3 years from the date of Provisional Registration with us.

If you were provisionally registered prior to 1 August 2023, and were given a period of 5 years to complete your Flexible Route from your date GTC Scotland granted you Provisional Registration, this will not change.    

If you withdrew from the Teacher Induction Scheme after 1 April in the calendar year in which your induction was due to commence, Full Registration should be obtained no later than 3 years from the date of initial registration with us.

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