The Flexible Route support network

A vital element of your probationary period is the availability of good quality support.

Talking with others is a necessary part of working in an effective manner. You should take every opportunity to discuss your professional learning or teaching service, bounce ideas around or deal with serious concerns.

All provisionally registered teachers are advised to work with the recommended network of locally available support. If you are completing your probation period in Scotland, please contact your local Probation Manager for details of local arrangements.

Support Network

Your school(s)

During your probation period, you may find yourself accumulating supply days and short-term teaching posts in different schools. It’s important that you familiarise yourself with the school and staff, even if you are only on a short-term contract, as you may gain valuable experience. Remember to inform your headteacher that you have a probation period to complete, as they may be able to put support in place for you.

Your colleagues

Your primary level of support will come through discussion with your colleagues. A buddy system can be very effective. You may discuss issues, receive feedback and share ideas with a colleague. This can be arranged on an informal basis or in discussion with members of the senior management team.

In-school supporter

You may be fortunate enough to have a supporter who will act as your main support in the school. To find our more about in-school support, please approach your headteacher or probation manager where appropriate.


Your headteacher is the lead manager in your school and should be approached with any problems or issues you have. They work in conjunction with the local authority and any supporter to ensure arrangements are in place for accommodating you in school

If you don’t have a dedicated supporter, your headteacher may be able to offer advice on the level of support available in your department / school. Your headteacher should also be able to arrange for your teaching to be observed. Your headteacher will make the final recommendation for full registration via your profile.

Local authority probation manager (Scotland only)

Your local authority probation manager works on behalf of your employer (the Local Authority) and is in close contact with your headteacher, your supporter (if you have one) and GTC Scotland.

If you experience difficulties finding support in your school or organising observations of your teaching in order to meet the profile requirements, you should contact your Local Authority probation manager.

There may be a series of Local Authority support or professional learning sessions, where you will be able to meet other provisionally registered teachers in your area. It may help to share ideas and experiences with your fellow provisionally registered teachers as you progress through your service.

Support from us

The Professional Standards Rubric is a tool designed to support you with your own self-evaluation and will allow you to see your progress throughout your probation year.

If you have questions or concerns about your probationary service, please contact us.

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