As part of the student application form, probationers eligible for the Teacher Induction Scheme will either select five preferred local authorities, or tick the preference waiver payment box.

There are 32 local authorities in Scotland.

Local Authority Map

Think carefully about your location and circumstances when selecting your five preferences. Consider practicalities like transport links and commuting times. Could this be an opportunity to relocate and work in a new area?

You will select five local authorities in order of preference.

You could be given your fifth choice, so make sure that all the local authorities you choose will work for your circumstances. The local authority you are allocated will endeavour to take into account where you live when allocating you to a school. Local authorities’ prime responsibility is, however, to deliver education to children and young people throughout their area, and they will first and foremost ensure that the needs of their learners are met.

GTC Scotland will tell you the local authority to which you have been allocated by June. The local authority will allocate you to a school. You should speak to the local authority if you have any questions about school allocation.

What if I am unable to work in the local authority I have been allocated – will I be reallocated?

Once you are allocated to a Local Authority and the Local Authority is informed, your allocation is fixed.

Allocating a student to a Local Authority for their probation year is a complex and lengthy procedure involving:

  • around 3,500 students with individual preference choices
  • 30+ subjects/sectors
  • 32 local authorities

Please talk to us before you make the decision to turn down a placement.

If you tell the local authority you will not be taking up your placement, you will opt out of the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS). You cannot be placed back on TIS once you have opted out.

If you have concerns about your allocation, you should talk to the local authority to discuss how the placement could work. It might help to be placed in an alternative school in the local authority.

If, after this discussion, you are still unable to work in the Local Authority, you can request to be considered for a rematch. You must do so in the period immediately following the receipt of your allocation. Please note the success rate of rematch requests is very low at between 1 and 3%.

We will only be able to offer a rematch if an equivalent placement is available in another local authority. These placements are created by another student teacher asking for a rematch. It is not possible to informally ’swap’ placement with another student teacher. You both need to put yourself forward for a rematch.

The outcome of the rematch process is final and ends the allocation process.

Please note that a rematch can only go ahead if the local authority you are allocated to is willing to release you from your allocation.

A teacher not wishing to accept their place on TIS can complete their probation via the Flexible Route.