Student teachers

Preference Waiver Payment

Instead of selecting five preferred local authorities on the Student Application Form, student teachers can opt to be placed anywhere in Scotland by ticking the Preference Waiver Payment box. Opting for this means they receive the Preference Waiver Payment (PWP).

If you tick the PWP box you have agreed to work in any local authority in Scotland. In return for choosing this option, you will receive a payment of:

  • Secondary teacher: £8,000 (minus tax and national insurance contributions)
  • Primary teacher: £6,000 (minus tax and national insurance contributions)

This payment will be made by your assigned local authority in three instalments. The payment dates are different depending on your assigned local authority. You must complete the full induction year to receive the full payment.

If you choose not to go to your allocated local authority you will not receive the payment or be reallocated to another local authority. You will have to opt-out of the Teacher Induction Scheme and follow the Flexible Route. If you choose to opt out of TIS you cannot be placed back on.

Once you have started in the classroom, payment enquiries should be directed to your allocated local authority.

Which local authority could I be allocated to?

You could be allocated to any of the 32 authorities depending on the number of vacancies offered. Priority is given to remote and rural local authorities.

These tables show the spread of PWP allocations for past years for Primary and Secondary Teachers.

Figures for PWP allocations will fluctuate depending on when in the year they are reported. The allocations happen in May when most candidates opt in, and then numbers will change throughout the year as people withdraw or defer from the scheme, or in some cases opt in.

The figures in these tables are from the date of allocation in May.

Primary Teacher Allocations

Local Authority2023/242022/232021/222020/212019/20
Aberdeen City20331
Argyll & Bute20061
City of Edinburgh10521
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar50400
Dumfries & Galloway4741917
Dundee City9119100
East Ayrshire001300
East Dunbartonshire00010
East Lothian 00310
East Renfrewshire00100
Glasgow City00000
Highland 5526028
North Ayrshire31000
North Lanarkshire00000
Orkney Islands11000
Perth & Kinross01000
Scottish Borders1112500
Shetland Islands21020
South Ayrshire13000
South Lanarkshire00000
West Dunbartonshire00000
West Lothian00000

Secondary Teacher Allocations

Local Authority2023/242022/232021/222020/212019/20
Aberdeen City15114265
Argyll & Bute01232
City of Edinburgh42111
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar02466
Dumfries & Galloway258429
Dundee City261212
East Ayrshire16722
East Dunbartonshire10310
East Lothian 77804
East Renfrewshire40720
Glasgow City10300
Highland 21151634
North Ayrshire063515
North Lanarkshire01284
Orkney Islands04330
Perth & Kinross014618
Scottish Borders1361213
Shetland Islands01032
South Ayrshire014342
South Lanarkshire178121
West Dunbartonshire111021
West Lothian77621
Total 126157211192235
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