Probationer teachers

Professional Learning on the Teacher Induction Scheme

As a probationer teacher following the Teacher Induction Scheme, you are offered a framework of professional learning opportunities. You should undertake these in the minimum 0.2 full time equivalent non-contact time afforded to you.

You could, for example:

  • use 0.1 FTE for team teaching / collaborative working / observing other teachers
  • use 0.1 FTE to carry out Professional Learning experiences and self-evaluation

Team teaching and collaborative working

Team teaching is an opportunity to gain a broader knowledge and understanding of the work of the whole school by learning from your colleagues.  

You can learn from others through: 

  • Working collaboratively 
    • In other classed within the same subject or stage 
    • In a different stage or subject 
  • Lesson observation and analysis 
    • In own subject or stage 
    • In different subject or stage 
  • Work shadowing 
    • staff in the Senior Management Team 
    • experienced staff in other stages of the school or in different departments 
    • On school board/parents’ groups 
    • Support for Learning staff 
    • working with children in the pre-school environment 
    • working with parents 
    • psychological services 
    • careers officer. 

Professional Learning Experiences

Valuable professional learning experiences can include:

  • Core experiences organised with your local authority 
  • Carrying out self-evaluation by: 
    • Looking in detail at your planning and assess how you are meeting the needs of your pupils 
    • Reflecting on how you are progressing towards the Standard for Full Registration, which will in turn inform the discussions that you have with your supporter 
  • Understanding the requirements for the induction year 
  • Familiarising yourself with the professional reading resources at your disposal or studying new learning and teaching strategies. 
  • Experiences identified on a personal basis which may be carried out in school or from a local authority professional learning register. These will have been identified through personal reflection and following discussions with your supporter. 
  • Visiting other schools or establishments,
  • Practitioner enquiry 
  • Special projects involving parents or carers 
  • Special projects involving the local community 
  • Attending courses, meetings, workshops, conferences and other training events 
  • Developing school policies and reports. 
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