MyGTCS platform updates

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In 2024, we have been making key changes to MyPL, aimed at improving the platform and your experience using it. The modernisation of all of our digital products and services is a priority for the GTC Scotland team, so we can help ensure a better and frustration-free experience.

We have recently been made aware of some performance issues on MyGTCS. The MyGTCS platform as a whole is now old in technology terms, which unfortunately means it has performance issues and limitations beyond our control. As a result, we will be making some updates to improve the experience for our users.

As part of our new 2023-28 strategic plan, we are currently developing a completely new MyGTCS platform that will modernise and enhance the digital experience for our registrants.

In the shorter term, we are also going to make some small updates to the MyGTCS summary page. This involves the qualifications and professional awards tables, which currently load on login and sit in the summary page. We will be moving the qualification and professional awards tables to a new tab.

The current summary page, new summary page, and the new qualifications and professional awards tab.

This small update should have a noticeable impact on reducing performance issues experienced on MyGTCS, especially during busy periods.