What to do if taking a career break, or going on secondment

You do not need to tell us that you are taking a career break or going on secondment. However, we ask that you update your employer details within MyGTCS.

Contact details

Please update your contact details to ensure we have an email account and phone number on the register that you will have regular access to during your career break. This will allow us to contact you if we need to in relation to your Registration and any Regulation matters.

Log in to MyGTCS to update your details.

Professional Update

If you are working in a local authority, national body or other education body, we may have approved their professional learning process through Professional Update validation. If so, you will follow the usual Professional Review and Development and PU sign-off process.

If we have not approved the Professional Learning process of your employer, you can complete PU sign-off using the Direct Submission process.

Paying your annual registration fee

The annual registration fee is the same level for all registrants: £65.

If your career break or secondment is in a local authority or college your annual registration fee may be deducted from your salary. If it is not, we will contact you directly with information on how to pay. Please keep your contact details up-to-date through MyGTCS as failure to pay could lead to you being lapsed from the Register.


During your career break or secondment, you will be expected to continue to maintain the appropriate Professional Values and personal commitment set out in the appropriate Professional Standards

What to do when you return to teaching

You do not need to tell us that you have returned to teaching if you have maintained your Full Registration while on your career break. However, we ask that you update your employer details within MyGTCS.

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