About temporarily suspending your registration

You cannot suspend or pause your registration, however you can either lapse from the register or move to Fully Registered Associate Status.

Lapse from the Register

You can choose to lapse from the Register of Teachers. When you wish to return to teaching, you can re-register with us.

The cost to re-register includes a Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme record check, which is either £59 or £18, depending on your status with the scheme, plus the Annual Registration Fee which is currently £65.

If you are working or travelling abroad when you come to re-register, we will require an overseas police clearance from any countries you have lived/ worked in while you were lapsed. It is best to obtain this document while still in the country.

Associate status

Alternatively, you can move from Fully Registered General Status (the default status for fully registered teachers) to Fully Registered Associate Status. Registrants with Associate Status are not required to participate in Professional Update and cannot teach unless they move back to General Status. The annual registration fee for those with Associate Status remains £65.

Read more about Associate Status.

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