Who we tell about Fitness to Teach cases

First, we tell the referred teacher or college lecturer. 

We tell employers so they know what is happening. This also helps to ensure that the teacher or college lecturer has the right support at work.  

If the referral has come from a former employer, third party organisation or member of the public we will tell them that an investigation has begun. We will keep them updated on the progress of the case at key points.  

What will be made public?

The investigation is confidential. It is important that no reference is made to it on social media or public forums.

No details of the investigation process are made available to the public.

Information is only published if:

  • a case progresses to a hearing; or
  • a consent order is accepted at Panel Consideration stage.

Notices of scheduled public hearings are published on our website 1 week before the hearing is due to take place to allow members of the public/media to attend. The teacher or college lecturer will not be named in the notice.

Names of individuals are disclosed during the hearing and at the end of our Fitness to Teach Process unless a Panel has granted an anonymity order.

More information is set out in our Fitness to Teach publication policy and Privacy and Anonymity Practice Statement: