The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Rules and policies

All of our Fitness to Teach proceedings are governed by rules and legislation. If you are appearing at a hearing, it is important that you or your representative is familiar with the Fitness to Teach Rules 2017. We will highlight these to anyone who is subject to our fitness to teach process throughout our correspondence. They are also available to view here.

Our Fitness to Teach Threshold Policy sets out what GTCS will investigate under our fitness to teach procedures. This is important information for anyone wishing to make a referral to GTCS about a teacher's conduct or professional competence.

We have also put a number of practice statements in place to help guide and inform best practice at hearings. They seek to ensure that we adopt efficient, effective, rational and consistent practice. They also promote our commitment to principles of transparency and fairness and best regulatory practice.

We would recommend that anyone subject to a fitness to teach investigation or hearing (or is a representative) is familiar with the practice statement relevant to the circumstances of their case.