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Our Fitness to Teach Publication Policy sets out how we communicate information about our fitness to teach cases to the public.

You can view our scheduled Fitness to Teach Hearings up to 7 days in advance by clicking on highlighted dates on the Hearings calendar. Please note that you will find the hearing day start time but not timings for individual cases as this varies according to events on the day.

Our Fitness to Teach hearing decisions and any consent orders (which are issued without the need for a hearing) are published below.

Recent Decisions

Hearing Date


Type of Hearing





25 Sept 2020 Judith Davies Panel Consideration Outcome 21/10/2020

Recent decisions remain in the table above for one month. Past decisions remain in the Decisions Archive below for a period of 3 months following the date the decision is published (see right hand column).

Hearings are held at our offices and are open to the public.

GTC Scotland
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Previous decisions are archived monthly and can be viewed below. They are removed three months after the publishing date:


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