The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Registration in an additional subject/sector

Professional Registration

Professional Registration is available to primary and secondary teachers. It allows teachers who hold full registration to add additional subjects/ sectors to their current registration.

Applicants for Professional Registration need to meet the following criteria:

  • Hold full registration in their existing category   
  • Meet the academic and/ or professional learning requirement for registration in the additional subject/sector in which Professional Registration is sought 
  • Meet the foreign residency requirement (Modern Foreign Languages only). We have accredited a Languages for Education Europe (LFEE) immersion course. This is specifically designed to meet the three month residence requirement for teaching Spanish  as a second/subsequent modern foreign language in an intensive three week block. Information can be found on the LFEE website - You should contact us is you have any queries regarding the foreign residency requirement.

Applicants for Professional Registration in a Secondary Education subject area, who hold full registration but do not fully meet the appropriate academic and/or foreign residency requirements, may still be considered for Provisional (Conditional) Registration in the additional subject area/sector.

Routes to Professional Registration

Information on what is required for Professional Registration can be found below:

For Primary teachers

If you are a fully registered primary teacher you can gain Professional Registration: 

For Secondary teachers

If you are a fully registered secondary teacher you can gain Professional Registration:

Additional Support Needs Registration

If you are interested in registering in Additional Support Needs see Additional Support Needs Registration.

How to apply

This can be submitted to us via email - or by post:

The General Teaching Council for Scotland
Registration Services
Clerwood House
96 Clermiston Road
Edinburgh EH12 6UT

Standard probationary period

The standard probationary period applied to Professional Registration is 135 days Full Time Equivalent (FTE). You will be able to complete this via the Flexible Route. If you are adding registration in a secondary subject area for service In your additional registration are to count towards your probationary period, it must constitute no less than 20% of your teaching timetable. You will need to gain full registration within 3 years.

Your Right to Review

If we award you registration but not to the extent you wished you have the right to ask for the decision to be reviewed by a Registration Panel.


For more information, please contact:

T: +44 (0)131 314 6000