Taking the angle of the teacher | Annual Lecture 2024

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We were delighted to host Professor Gert Biesta at the end of January as he delivered his lecture ‘Taking the angle of the teacher’.

Professor Biesta discussed the language of ‘learnification’, a term he introduced through his research. “Learnification has to do with a tendency in educational discussions to discuss everything in terms of learners and their learning. That has been going on, and is still going on, all over the world,” he explains.

Rather, he believes it is important to look at the educational relationship: “I’ve said quite a lot about purposes, but what I thought was interesting and maybe important also for today, is to focus more on educational relationships, and not so much the role of the teacher but also what it means to take the angle of the teacher.”

This Annual Lecture was the first since GTC Scotland launched its Strategic Plan – Trusted Teaching – in April 2023 and aims to stimulate thinking and discussion about what it means to be a teacher in Scotland today.

You can watch the full lecture below.