What do we mean by Professional Values

The professional values of social justice, integrity, trust and respect and a professional commitment are at the core of the Professional Standards.

The values are reflected across the Professional Standards and are relevant to all registered teachers regardless of post. Values are complex and work to shape who teachers are as professionals.

The educational experiences of all learners are shaped by the values and dispositions of those who work to educate them. In recognition of the importance of professional values, they have been placed at the heart of the Professional Standards.

A commitment to the values underpin the range of relationships, the thinking and professional practice of teachers across Scotland.

The values:

  • help teachers develop their professional identity and ‘way of being’ as education professionals
  • develop and drive teacher’s individual and unswerving professional commitment to all learners and colleagues
  • support and encourage teachers to see beyond the classroom or subject
  • help teachers to know and develop the whole child through addressing their individual needs
  • develop teacher’s understanding of their role in collaborative working with a range of partners
  • recognise the contribution that teachers can make to safeguarding young people and where necessary transform their lives
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