What are Return to Teaching courses and who needs to complete them

Return to Teaching Courses

Return to teaching courses are offered by Scottish HEI's in partnership with local authorities, and are typically aimed at primary or secondary teachers who have a teaching qualification but have taken a career break or are new to the Scottish Education system. They can also be useful for teachers who have held Associate Status with GTC Scotland for more than five years.

It is best to contact the HEI directly to find out information on the application process, and delivery and fee information. You may also wish to speak with your prospective employer about their expectations for completing a Return to Teaching course ahead of returning to teaching.

Moving from Associate to General Status

A teacher who opts for Associate status may transfer to General status as follows:

  • Between five and 10 years: by meeting a quality threshold through agreeing a professional learning plan with a GTC Scotland Officer. You may also wish to consider undertaking a GTC Scotland accredited ‘Return to Teaching’ course.
  • More than 10 years: by meeting a quality threshold through undertaking an accredited GTC Scotland ‘Return to Teaching’ course and then contacting GTC Scotland.
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