The Investigation Process

If we have decided that a case should be investigated an investigation is carried out by an Investigating Officer.

This investigation is approached neutrally: we are investigating to find out what has happened, not to build a case for, or against, the teacher.

Our investigations can involve:

  • asking the person who has made the referral to provide information; and
  • contacting the teacher’s employer or criminal justice agencies (e.g. the police or courts) for information.

All information we receive is shared with the teacher concerned and they are given an opportunity to respond.

At the end of the investigation process, if we decide that there is sufficient evidence to prove the allegation, a Fitness to Teach Panel considers the case and decides whether to:

  • take no further action because fitness to teach is not impaired;
  • issue a consent order; or
  • refer the case on for a full hearing.

How long the investigation process takes depends on the complexity of the allegations and associated information. Investigations are usually concluded within six months.

We have produced an information booklet for referred teachers which provides further information on the fitness to teach process.

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