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This consultation page is used to invite comments on what we are doing. You will find out about, and can participate in, current consultations and will also be able to see the results of past consultations, together with our response to any comments received as part of that exercise.

We are committed to working with teachers, members of the public, including parents, children and young people, and all stakeholders with an interest in Scottish education and the work of GTC Scotland in maintaining and improving professional standards. Through consultations we invite your views when we are planning new areas of work or proposing to change the way we do things. We always welcome suggestions for improving the way we carry out our work.

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Consultation on the Memorandum on Entry Requirements for Initial Teacher Education Programmes in Scotland

Thank you to all those who responded to this consultation, which ended on 21 December 2018.

Since 1965, the Scottish Government (under its various titles) has issued a Memorandum on Entry Requirements for Initial Teacher Education programmes in Scotland (Memorandum). Originally this was done on an annual basis but latterly it was issued on a less frequent basis. The current Memorandum was issued by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) in 2013 and at the time GTCS gave a commitment that the next review of the Memorandum would start in January 2018.

The Memorandum sets the minimum entry requirement for students’ entry to Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes in Scotland. This consultation is to ensure:

  • the Memorandum is relevant and fit for purpose
  • the content of the Memorandum is sufficiently comprehensive and clear to all stakeholders
  • that ITE applicants can use the Memorandum confidently to determine whether they meet with the minimum entry requirements when applying to join an ITE programme; and
  • ITE providers can provide up to date information in their literature to guide potential applicants on the expectations of the minimum entry requirements for ITE programmes.

The consultation questions will focus on areas of the Memorandum where a change is being considered. At present, we are not proposing to make changes to the qualities, values and disposition expected of applicants and therefore there is no question relating to this area. However, there is an opportunity to offer other suggestions in the ‘other comments’ section should you chose to do so.

After the consultation: We will publish the revised Memorandum April 2019 on the GTCS website.

This memorandum will take effect for applicants applying for ITE for academic session 2020/21.

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