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This consultation page is used to invite comments on what we are doing. You will find out about, and can participate in, current consultations and will also be able to see the results of past consultations, together with our response to any comments received as part of that exercise.

We are committed to working with teachers, members of the public, including parents, children and young people, and all stakeholders with an interest in Scottish education and the work of GTC Scotland in maintaining and improving professional standards. Through consultations we invite your views when we are planning new areas of work or proposing to change the way we do things. We always welcome suggestions for improving the way we carry out our work.

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Professional Standards and Professional Code Consultation

Thank you to all who responded to this consultation. We will carefully consider all of the feedback received and publish our response in April 2020.

What are we consulting on?

We are seeking views on a refreshed set of Professional Standards as well as a new Professional Code (replacing the existing Code of Professionalism and Conduct document, known as COPAC).

Ken Muir introduces the Consultation

Who should read this?

The Professional Standards and Professional Code are paramount and central documents for teachers, employers of teachers, learners and the wider public. We think that this consultation is therefore relevant to all stakeholders in Scottish education and we would encourage as many individuals and organisations to respond as possible.

How will my data be used?

All responses to the survey will be treated as confidential and data will be reported collectively, as appropriate. No material will be published that could lead to the identification of an individual respondent. The survey responses will be used only to inform the report on the project and any articles or conference papers that may be produced as an outcome of the research. By completing and submitting the survey you are giving consent to taking part in this research.


End date: 20 December 2019

After the consultation:

We will carefully consider all of the feedback received and publish our response in April 2020.

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External Consultations

When it is appropriate, we respond to external consultations in relation to the teaching profession in Scotland and education in general.

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