Election Scheme

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On 15 December 2016, we published a consultation on proposed revisions to the GTC Scotland Council election process as outlined in the GTC Scotland Election Scheme, last reviewed in June 2014.

The GTC Scotland Election Scheme (the Scheme) outlines the process to be followed in the election of registered teachers to the Council membership. The 2015-2016 GTC Scotland Council Election was trialled as the first-ever solely online election. Feedback on the online process was largely positive and as a result, we have decided that all future elections will be conducted in this way. We want to maintain confidence in GTC Scotland as continuously looking at ways in which we can improve the way we do things. Our aim is to see a simplified nomination process which will make elections more accessible for all.

The response document below summarises the key points arising from the consultation and the changes being made to the Scheme. The updated version of the Scheme is now available on our website.