Professional Recognition

GTC Scotland’s Professional Recognition is an award that recognises the enhanced, significant, sustained and reflective enquiry a teacher has undertaken and the development of their professional learning in a particular area.

Professional Recognition aligns with the Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning. The Standard is closely aligned to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Level 11. It describes the advanced professional knowledge and pedagogical expertise that registered teachers develop and maintain as they continue to progress in teaching and across the education profession.

You may also choose to reflect against aspects of the Standard for Middle Leadership, the Standard for Headship and, if you are a college lecturer, the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges.

Who is eligible to apply?

The award is open to all teaching professionals who have completed 1 year of professional practice after gaining full registration from GTC Scotland and have then gone on to engage in sustained, significant professional learning in a particular area.

Once awarded Professional Recognition, the teaching professional is recognised as an enhanced practitioner in that field for 5 years.

How do I apply for Professional Recognition?

There are two ways to gain Professional Recognition:

1. Make an individual application for recognition in a particular area of expertise/accomplishment.

2. Complete a professional learning programme that has been accredited with Professional Recognition by GTC Scotland.

How do programme providers apply for Professional Recognition accreditation?

We welcome submissions from providers who wish to have their professional learning and development programmes accredited with the award of Professional Recognition if they meet with the required guidelines for accreditation.

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How does Professional Recognition align with the Scottish Framework for Masters in Education?

The Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning and the criteria for the award of Professional Recognition align to the features of SCQF Level 11 enquiry as outlined in the Scottish Framework for Masters in Education.

These ensure that learning:

  • is grounded in practice
  • is research informed;
  • is personally and professionally transformative;
  • is collaborative in nature;
  • challenges assumptions and widens perspectives; and
  • aspires to make a positive impact on Scottish Education.

The SCQF is structured around the following characteristics:

  • knowledge and understanding;
  • practice: applied knowledge and understanding;
  • generic cognitive skills;
  • communication, ICT and numeracy skills; and
  • autonomy, accountability and working with others.

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Professional Recognition is not awarded at Masters Level.

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