Direct Submission

You can complete Professional Update sign-off using the Direct Submission process. Direct Submission allows teachers and college lecturers to submit their PU via an online form to a GTC Scotland panel for sign-off.

You can make a Direct Submission if: 

  • You work outside Scotland 
  • You are not working but want to stay on the Register of Teachers 
  • We have not approved your employer’s professional learning process (we call this Professional Update validation). 

You should not make a Direct Submission if: 

  • You are absent from work with illness or on parental leave. You should contact your line manager and ask for a deferral. Read about the Deferral Process
  • You are a supply teacher. Local authorities should support supply teachers through Professional Update. If you need advice on who to contact at your local authority, get in touch with us. 

How do I complete Direct Submission? 

You will complete Direct Submission using MyPL. 

You need to: 

  • Use MyGTCS to keep your contact and employment details up to date; 
  • Complete ongoing professional learning; 
  • Take part in your employer’s annual review process; 
  • Use the Professional Standards to self-evaluate; 
  • Sign-off every 5 years by following the direct submission process. 
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