Associate and General Status

In order to recognise the range of circumstances of teachers registered with us, there are two statuses of full registration.

Fully Registered (General)

The default status for all currently Fully Registered teachers and college lecturers is that of Fully Registered (General) and this is what will be required to teach in schools, colleges, and for posts which involve judging the quality of schools or teachers.

In terms of Professional Update, the status of Fully Registered (General) requires the completion of all the key elements of the Professional Update process as outlined here.

Fully Registered (Associate)

The Fully Registered (Associate) status option is for those holding full registration who do not wish to remain in the General category because of circumstances. Anyone considering this option may choose to contact us to discuss their specific circumstances if they are unsure if Associate Status is right for them.

Associate Status could be appropriate for those who wish to remain on our Register and:

  • have retired from education and will not engage in any further teaching (please note that if you undertake supply teaching, it is a requirement to engage in Professional Update and retain Fully Registered (General) status)
  • are not currently working or not working in an educational “front line” context
  • are working outwith Scotland with no intention of returning within the foreseeable future

Teachers with Associate status are not required to complete the five-yearly sign-off process for Professional Update. As they remain on the GTC Scotland Register, registrants with Associate status are required to update their details annually and to act appropriately in terms of the Professional Values and Personal Commitment section of the Professional Standards. Although not required, those with Associate status may, if they wish, participate in ongoing professional development, record their professional learning and associated evidence of impact, and use the GTC Scotland Professional Standards. MyPL is available for those who wish to use it for these purposes and can be accessed through your MyGTCS account.

In summary registrants with Fully Registered (Associate) status are required:

  • On an annual basis:
    • to update their details held on the GTC Scotland Register through their MyGTCS account
    • pay the annual registration fee of £65
  • On an ongoing basis:
    • to maintain the appropriate Professional Values and Personal Commitment set out in the appropriate Professional Standards

Importantly like all other teachers they will continue to be subject to Fitness to Teach requirements.

It will be open to the individual to seek return to the Fully Registered (General) status at any time following the guidelines as set by GTC Scotland.

A teacher who opts for Associate status may transfer to General status as follows:

  • Less than five years since becoming Associate: at any time by contacting GTC Scotland. At this point your PU sign-off year will be reset. In most cases, PU sign-off will be required during the current academic session.   
  • Between five and 10 years: by meeting a quality threshold through agreeing a professional learning plan with a GTC Scotland Officer. You may also wish to consider undertaking a GTC Scotland accredited ‘Return to Teaching’ course.
  • More than 10 years: by meeting a quality threshold through undertaking an accredited GTC Scotland ‘Return to Teaching’ course and then contacting GTC Scotland.
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