Headship Qualifications

Holding the Standard for Headship by completing a Headship Qualification is a prerequisite for teachers taking up their first permanent headteacher post in Local Authority and grant-aided schools in Scotland.

This became a prerequisite on 1 August 2020, under the Head Teachers Education and Training Standards (Scotland) Regulations, 2019.

There are two exemptions:

  1. Permanent headteachers who were appointed to a position in a school on, or prior to, 1 August 2020.
  2. Education authorities, or the managers of grant-aided schools, can appoint a person to a headteacher post, who has not attained the Standard for Headship, on a temporary basis for a period not exceeding 30 months after 1 August 2020.

The Scottish Government has no plans at present to require that teachers appointed to headteacher posts in independent schools should hold the Standard for Headship.

Regulations relating to the independent sector will be brought in after the requirement for all teachers in independent schools to be registered with GTC Scotland had become embedded.

Into Headship programme

The Into Headship qualification is Scotland’s national professional learning programme for headship. It has been designed in consultation with universities, local authorities, Education Scotland and GTC Scotland, and focuses on the specificity of headship and the strategic role of headteachers.

There are currently seven university partners accredited by GTC Scotland that deliver the qualification in partnership with local authorities and Education Scotland.

The programme is designed as a 60 credit postgraduate certificate qualification at SCQF level 11 which forms part of a Masters leadership pathway.

On successful completion of the Into Headship programme participants are awarded the Standard for Headship by GTC Scotland.

Former Scottish Routes to Headship

Two routes, the Flexible Route to Headship (FRH) and the Scottish Qualification for Headship (SQH) are no longer available as programmes of study, however, teachers who have successfully completed SQH or FRH continue to hold the Standard for Headship.

Headship Qualifications outside Scotland

UK Headship Qualifications

The following UK qualifications for headteachers are deemed to demonstrate the Standard for Headship (SFH):

  • The National Professional Qualification for Headship in England;
  • The National Professional Qualification for Headship in Wales;
  • The Professional Qualification for Headship in Northern Ireland. 

If you have one of the above UK Headship Qualifications, and would like to add the Standard for Headship to your registration, please email SFH@gtcs.org.uk with a scanned copy of your certificate, your GTC Scotland Registration Number and contact details. 

Other Headship Qualifications – Applying for Equivalency

Prospective headteacher candidates with Headship qualifications gained outwith the UK must first demonstrate eligibility for full registration with GTC Scotland in order to apply for SFH equivalency.

Once full registration has been demonstrated, candidates wishing to apply for SFH Equivalency must complete the application form below.

Qualifications will be assessed on the following basis as meeting the SFH:

  • the qualification is supported by a university;
  • the qualification is accredited by a national education body in relation to the post of headteacher/principal;
  • the qualification is equivalent to 60 credits at SCQF 11 and is likely underpinned with other learning at this level;
  • the qualification content includes level 11 learning with a focus on developing as a strategic educational leader and leading strategic educational change.
Application for Equivalency to Standard for Headship through employment as a headteacher (outside Scotland or in Independent Sector)

Applicants who hold, or have held, a substantive post as a headteacher outside Scotland can apply for equivalency to the Standard for Headship but must first demonstrate eligibility for full registration with GTC Scotland.

Headteachers can apply by sending their CV with professional references, showing evidence of how professional background and experience meet the Standard for Headship. Information should be emailed to SFH@gtcs.org.uk.

Applications are initially assessed by members of the Education team to ensure the above have been evidenced and that the specific areas within the Standard for Headship have all been included. Applicants may then be invited to attend a GTC Scotland Headship professional interview to discuss their application.

Advice for Employers

If you are considering a candidate who qualified outside Scotland for a headteacher post, please ensure they have or are eligible for Full (General) Registration as a teacher, and have one of the following:

  • Recognised UK Headship qualification or
  • Standard for Headship Qualification Equivalence from GTC Scotland or
  • Employment Equivalency to Standard for Headship from GTC Scotland. 

If you have any queries, please email SFH@gtcs.org.uk

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