Other Headship Qualifications – applying for equivalency

Prospective headteacher candidates with headship qualifications gained outwith the UK must first demonstrate eligibility for full registration (as a teacher in a Scottish school) with GTC Scotland in order to apply for SFH equivalency.

Once full registration has been demonstrated, candidates wishing to apply for SFH Equivalency must complete the application form below.

Qualifications will be assessed on the following basis as meeting the SFH:

  • the qualification is supported by a university
  • the qualification is accredited by a national education body in relation to the post of headteacher/principal
  • the qualification is equivalent to 60 credits at SCQF 11 and is likely underpinned with other learning at this level
  • the qualification content includes level 11 learning with a focus on developing as a strategic educational leader and leading strategic educational change

Standard for Headship Qualification equivalency application form

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