Claiming a tax reduction on your registration fee

Contact HMRC to claim a tax deduction on any registration fees paid to GTC Scotland and any questions about the tax relief process.

We will issue a payment confirmation for your annual registration fee payment once we have collected the fee from all registrants.

How much you can claim depends on the rate you pay tax. For example, if you spend £65 on your annual registration fee and pay tax at a rate of 20%, the tax relief you can claim is £13.

You must keep records of what you have spent, and claim within 4 years of the end of the tax year that you spent the money.

How you’ll get tax relief

HMRC will usually make any adjustments needed through your tax code for the current tax year.

How to claim

You must claim using a Self Assessment tax return if you already fill one in, otherwise, fill in form P87.

If you’ve made a successful claim in a previous tax year, you may be able to make your claim by phone.

Registration fee for historical claims

1 April 2017 – present = £65

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