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GTC Scotland has created and curated a variety of resources and advice to support teacher and lecturer health and wellbeing. Many of these resources were developed during lockdown and the transition back into schools during the Covid-19 pandemic, but they contain useful wellbeing tools that are relevant to any time.

We would appreciate your feedback on the Hub and the resources.

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GTC Scotland resources for teachers from Health and Wellbeing experts
Probationer resources
Early Career teachers

Stepping Stones provides support, challenge and professional learning for post-probationary teachers in the first four years of their career. 

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General resources
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Resources Curated by GTC Scotland

  • Being a Leader in a New World – Claire Lavelle offers a time for reflection as she looks at how leaders can move forward post-lockdown.
  • Developing a Wellness Community of Practice – Hugh Smith shares how a wellness community of practice might become a central activity in keeping teacher mental health and wellbeing ‘in check’.
  • Impact of Racial Discrimination on Health and Wellbeing – Khadija Mohammed, Yasmeen Hussain, Marcia Edwards and Sharon Smith discussed racial discrimination issues, how they impact teachers’ wellbeing and learn about what we can do to combat the effects of discrimination and abuse.
  • Serve, lead, serve: Sarah Philp poses three reflective questions to ask yourself in relation to serving and leading in challenging times.
  • Staff wellbeing – Claire shares coaching questions, strategies and approaches to support educators’ wellbeing as they make the staged transition from lockdown to their respective schools and settings.
  • Workplace Tension and Partnership Working – Hugh considers teacher professionalism and wellbeing in the current context and provides the opportunity to reflect on the challenges of workplace tension and partnership working to build positive solutions for now and the future. 

Health and Wellbeing and the Professional Values

The professional values include a commitment to understand and promote the health and wellbeing of yourself, colleagues, and learners.

But this can only be successful when you begin by focusing on your wellbeing. Teachers need to practice self-care to be able to support the wellbeing of others. Please seek support when you need it.

When you have this focus, you can aspire to:

  • understand the importance of good health and wellbeing;
  • build positive and purposeful relationships;
  • provide and ensure a safe and secure environment for all learners and colleagues;
  • promote a caring and compassionate ethos.

These factors combined support learning and wellbeing across our learning communities.

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