The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Teaching Scotland Magazine

Teaching Scotland Issue 82

Issue 82  - January 2020

Inclusive play

Key content: Award-winning charity The Yard is working to make play accessible and fun for schoolchildren with disabilities and their families.

Teaching Scotland Issue 81

Issue 81  - November 2019

Celebrating excellence

Key content: Recognising the commitment to high-quality professional learning and leadership of learning by our teachers, learning communities and organisations.

Teaching Scotland Issue 80

Issue 80  - August 2019

Empowering schools

Key content: How the refreshed narrative on Curriculum for Excellence is designed to support school empowerment.

Teaching Scotland Issue 79

Issue 79  - May 2019

Educating for the future

Key content: Examining our role as educators in identifying the right skills and teaching approaches to build tomorrow's global citizens.

Teaching Scotland Issue 78

Issue 78  - March 2019

Making Connections

Key content: From teaching with technology to teaching with kindness – what is the impact on our health and wellbeing?

Teaching Scotland Issue 77

Issue 77  - January 2019

Evolving Scotland

Key content: The changing nature of Scottish society and the impact on education.

Teaching Scotland Issue 76

Issue 76  - November 2018

Respecting rights

Key content: Scottish schools are leading the way in embedding children’s rights at the heart of their practice.


Issue 75  - August 2018

A cut above

Key content: An interview with the new Chief Executive and Chief Inspector of Education, Gayle Gorman.

Teaching Scotland Issue 74

Issue 74  - May 2018

Thought leader

Key content: An in-depth interview with internationally-renowned educationalist Marinieves Alba.

73 Front cover

Issue 73 - March 2018

Elephant in the classroom

Key content: Exploring health and wellbeing in the teaching profession.

Teaching Scotland Issue 72

Issue 72 - January 2018

A man of vision

Key content: John Hattie visits Edinburgh to share his Visible Learning research and how it can be used to improve teacher impact and learner outcomes.

Teaching Scotland Issue 71

Issue 71  - November 2017

Engineering change

Key content: How schools and further education colleges are working together to encourage and improve equality and diversity across society.

Teaching Scotland Issue 70

Issue 70  - August 2017

The big debate

Key content: Teachers share their opinions and perspectives on government plans to devolve more power and decision making to schools.

Teaching Scotland Issue 69

Issue 69  - May 2017

Those who can: teach

Key content: Six teachers share what they value about the education profession.

Teaching Scotland Issue 68

Issue 68  - March 2017

Gateway to the future

Key content: Taking advantage of a digital world.

Teaching Scotland Issue 67

Issue 67  - January 2017

A broad perspective

Key content: Looking at international strategies to raise attainment.