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Engagement in the Professional Update process is a requirement for registration with us and impacts all current registrants. The Professional Update sign-off process occurs on a 5-yearly cycle. Find out which year applies to you:

All GTCS registrants may access and use the MyGTCS service. We also provide a restricted subscription service to MyGTCS to individuals who are not GTCS registrants but who have been approved to access the service by us, we call these users 'MyGTCS Subscribers'.

Professional Update has changed
In light of recent changes to the Professional Update system, we recommend that you carry out a hard refresh (holding Control key and F5 at the same time) of your browser before using the new system. This will enable all styling changes to take effect.

REMEMBER: Your username is your six-digit GTCS registration number (without the forward slash). 'MyGTCS Subscribers' will be provided with a username. The Date of Birth format is DD/MM/YYYY.



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Your username is your six-digit GTCS registration number (without the forward slash)

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'Invalid username or password' message
This happens if a password is mis-spelt or capitals have been missed etc. Also make sure you are not using a forward slash, spaces or full stops. Your username is your registration number.
'MyGTCS Subscribers' are provided with a username.

'We have not been able to verify your username, password or Date of birth' message
Email stating the error.

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If you need to contact us please provide a date of birth or registration number in your email.

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