The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Enhancing professionalism in education since 1965

Registration Fee Comparison

 Organisation (role)  Annual Registration Fee
 Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland  £240
 Association of Teachers and Lecturers  £99.50 (working more than 3 days a week) £51.50 (working 3 days or less a week)
 Education Workforce Council (STPCD school teacher)  £78
 Education Workforce Council  £49
 Education Institute of Scotland  £112.26 - £136.07
 Engineering Council  £37
 General Chiropractic Council (Practicing)  £800
 General Chiropractic Council (Non-practicing)  £100
 General Dental Council (Dentist)  £890
 General Dental Council (Dental Care Professionals)  £116
 General Medical Council  £425
 General Optical Council  £320
 General Osteopathic Council  £250
 General Pharmaceutical Council (Pharmacist)  £250
 General Pharmaceutical Council (Pharmacy Technician)  £118
 GTC Northern Ireland  £44
 GTC Scotland  £65
 Health and Care Professions Council  £90
 Law Society of Scotland  £640
 Law Society of Scotland (Newly Qualified)  £355
 National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT)  £167.40
 Northern Ireland Social Care Council (Social Care Worker)  £30
 Northern Ireland Social Care Council (Social Care Manager)  £65
 Northern Ireland Social Care Council (Social Worker)  £65
 Northern Ireland Social Care Council (Social Worker (non-UK qualified))  (Registration fee £190) £65
 Nursing and Midwifery Council (trained in the UK)  £120
 Nursing and Midwifery Council (trained in the EU)   (Registration fee £110)
 Royal College of Veterinary Standards  £299-£598 (depending on submission date)
 Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland  £398
 School Leaders Scotland  £180 - £300
 Scottish Primary Teachers' Association  £182.40
 Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association  £182.40
 Teaching Council for Ireland  (Registration fee €90)
 Voice the Union  £194