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Registration Fee Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The registration fee has been deducted more than once by different local authorities. When will I get my refund?
A: Once we have finalised the details with each local authority, we run reports to identify double payments. We produce and issue refund cheques as quickly as possible, usually during June.

Q: Can my refund be paid directly into my bank account?
A: Refunds are normally paid by cheque. If the fee was paid by Debit/ Credit Card, the refund can be refunded back onto the card account.

Q: I'm over 65/ retired, do I still need to pay my registration fee?
A: Yes, it is a legal requirement for any teacher to be registered, regardless of how many days worked in any registration year. The fee must be paid in full.

Q: Can I suspend my registration for a period of time?
A: You can choose to lapse off of the register (have your details removed from the register). When you wish to return to teaching, you can re-register with us.

If you are working or travelling abroad when you come to re-register, we will require an overseas police clearance from any countries you have lived/ worked in whilst you were lapsed off of the register. It is best to obtain this document while still in the country.

Q: What is the cost to register after a lapse period of time?
A: The cost to re-register includes a Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme record check, which is either £59 or £18 plus the Initial Registration Fee which is currently £65.

Q. How does the cost of the existing registration fee compare to previous years?
A. View the table below to view registration fees:
Date Initial registration or re-registration fee Annual registration fee thereafter
1 April 2017 - 



1 April 2014 - 13 March 2017
1 April 2010 - 31 March 2014
1 April 2007 - 31 March 2010