The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Assessment Process - College Lecturers Qualified in UK or Rest of World

This information only applies to college lecturers who have qualified elsewhere in the UK (i.e. England, Wales or Northern Ireland) or outside of the EU/EEA.

How we assess

When your application arrives we will check that you've submitted all of the required documentation and contact your nominated referee(s). We will send you an acknowledgement letter and a copy of the appropriate PVG form for completion. If any documentation is missing from your application we will also remind you to submit this - this will delay the assessment of your application as it will not be passed to a Case Assessor until all of the required documentation has been received.

Once we have all of the required documents and your completed PVG Scheme application form a Case Assessor will assess your qualifications to make sure that these meet the teacher education requirement for registration. In some cases it may be necessary at this stage for the Case Assessor to request additional information from you or directly from another body (e.g. Professional Body, University). Your Case Assessor will also be waiting for your referee report(s) to arrive before making an offer of registration. As you will not be made an offer of registration until your referee report(s) have arrived it is important that you check with your referee that they are willing to provide a report and that you provide us with accurate contact details.

Assessment Decisions

Once an assessment of your qualifications and referee report has been made you will receive a final decision. If your application is successful you will be offered one of two types of registration available:

  • Provisional registration - this is the most commonly offered type of registration and normally involves completing a period of probation of up to 190 days of full time equivalent (FTE) teaching service;
  • Full registration - this type of registration may be offered where it has been possible to take previous relevant teaching service in lieu of the full 190 days period of probation.

At this point your application for PVG Scheme membership will be processed and the PVG fee will be deducted.

Registration is subject to receipt of the following:

  • PVG Scheme application result through Disclosure Scotland. Please note that even where PVG Scheme membership is granted, should any information be noted on your record of PVG Scheme membership this would have to be investigated by our Fitness to Teach Department. In such circumstances registration with the GTC Scotland can only be granted upon a decision being taken through the Fitness to Teach process that you are entitled to register.

If we award you registration you will be asked to pay an initial registration fee of £65. Once we receive payment, we will send you a registration pack containing:

  • your GTC Scotland registration number
  • information on your probationary service and additional requirements (if applicable)
  • your Certificate of Registration (provisional or full depending on what type of registration you have been offered)

If we are unable to offer you any form of registration, your application will be refused and you will receive written reasons for this decision. We will not process your PVG application if this happens and you will therefore not be charged the corresponding fee.

Your Right to Review

If we award you registration but not to the extent you wished you have the right to ask for the decision to be reviewed by a Registration Panel. Further information can be found under Right to Review for Applicants for Registration.