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Teacher Researcher Programme

We are launching a new pilot scheme for a revised Teacher Researcher Programme and would like to engage with practitioners who want to participate in research.

The Teacher Researcher Programme was temporarily suspended in 2014 to allow it to be refreshed to respond to the needs of the profession and support the professional learning of our registrants.

The Scottish Government accepted in full recommendations from the Teaching Scotland’s Future report and as such practitioners are expected to engage in professional learning in a regular and meaningful way.

This professional learning could include Practitioner Enquiry, as all practitioners are expected to engage in research and be research literate. Each Standard held by the GTCS outlines research and Practitioner Enquiry as a means of demonstrating professional learning.

The suite of standards can be found in the Useful Links section below.


The key principles of the Teacher Research Programme for teachers are:

  • To develop and apply expertise, knowledge, understanding and skills to engage in Practitioner Enquiry to inform pedagogy, learning and subject knowledge
  • To develop and apply knowledge, skills and expertise through enquiry and sustained professional learning to systematically investigate, analyse and evaluate the impact of practice
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the importance of research and engagement in professional enquiry and the current debates in policy, education and practice
  • To critically engage with professional literature, educational research and policy

Support and funding are available to help practitioners to complete research, and there are three ways to access this.

  1. Individual submissions
    An individual practitioner may make an application to GTC Scotland for funding to support their Practitioner Enquiry. This enquiry must have impact beyond the practitioners own classroom/ situation to improve outcomes for young people.
  2. Practitioner Enquiry Ambassador
    Ambassadors in Local Authority/other establishments would provide support to practitioner as they undertaken enquiry. The ambassador should be an experienced practitioner who has significant experience of Practitioner Enquiry or Master level study of research methodology/enquiry.
  3. Joint Working with Voluntary Sector
    Working with a voluntary organisation may give practitioners an opportunity to be involved in a more substantial enquiry with the support of a partner agency. GTC Scotland has a Memorandum of Understanding with voluntary organisations to support and protect practitioners who engage joint working with the voluntary sector.

If you would be interested in being part of this pilot scheme please email:

Apply using the Teacher Research Programme Application Form




To speak to us about taking part in the Teacher Researcher Programme contact:

T: +44 (0)131 314 6000



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