The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Research Engagement Group

A Research Engagement Group (REG) has been set up to help support, promote and facilitate critical engagement with research. We know that teachers are 'research rich but time poor' and therefore appropriate resources to support engagement is critical.

A range of colleagues across the education community who are currently actively engaged with educational research and/ or supporting others engaging with research were invited to be part of the REG. The group has 20 members with initial membership lasting for one year and comprises colleagues from schools, local authorities, the independent sector, further education, universities and national bodies.

The group will:

  • Act as research 'curators' by suggesting recommended readings/Journals relevant to particular themes and areas of interest
  • Provide brief synopsis of research articles relevant to particular themes and areas of interest
  • Facilitate and contribute to online twitter discussion about a research article/ theme
  • Contribute to the support and guidance for teachers engaging with research
  • Promote engagement with online education journals to a wide range of colleagues
  • Some members may also be able to share their own current or recent research work

In addition to the group it is hoped that colleagues across the education community will also contribute to this project by promoting and supporting engagement in research and with educational journals.


If you would like to contribute to the group, please contact:

T: +44 (0)131 314 6000