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We launched a new initiative supporting and promoting practitioner research in January 2015 which can be found in the Research section of MyGTCS.

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting, supporting and engaging teachers in and with research we are funding a pilot project that will provide an opportunity for teachers to share and engage with a range of practitioner produced research.

EducationHUB is an interactive online platform that provides an opportunity for education practitioners to share, discuss and review unpublished practitioner produced research and enquiry. It aims to be inclusive and make practitioner research more accessible. This is also an important step that promotes and values this work as a legitimate contribution to knowledge about education in Scotland. This is part of the ongoing developments supporting and promoting the 'Enquiring professional' that sits at the heart of our Professional Standards.

You can contribute to EducationHUB in two ways:

  1. By publishing your own (unpublished) work to EducationHUB (research posters or summaries, practitioner enquiry articles, dissertations, theses, etc.)
  2. Reading, reviewing and discussing articles.

EducationHUB is the brainchild of Colin Dorman, a primary teacher from North Lanarkshire. He developed the initial platform with his colleague Chris Oliver from OM2 Solutions Ltd. He will be responsible for the pilot and evaluation of EducationHUB. We will support the development and promotion of the initiative and Education Scotland will support the evaluation stage.

You can find out more about the EducationHUB and share your practitioner research by accessing your MyGTCS account.