The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Professional Update

Professional Update was launched by GTC Scotland in August 2014 for all fully registered teachers. Teachers in Scotland are required to engage in professional learning, self-evaluate this learning using the GTC Scotland Professional Standards, and maintain a record of this learning using their online profile on MyGTCS (or another system agreed by their local authority). The Professional Review and Development (PRD) discussion is also an integral part of the process. Every five years confirmation of this engagement is required by the teacher and their line manager in order to maintain full registration.

What do I need to know and do?

Engagement in the Professional Update process is a requirement for registration with GTCS. The implementation of Professional Update is on a phased basis, depending on your year of GTCS registration. Find out more about the Professional Update process.

Professional Learning

Professional learning is what teachers do to keep their professional practice fresh and up-to-date. Engagement in professional learning is an integral part of the Professional Update process.

Using Evidence of Impact and Examples of Professional Learning Journeys

Knowing and evidencing the impact of your learning on your thinking, professional actions and pupils and/or colleagues is a critical part of the Professional Update process. We provide some guidance and examples on gathering and using evidence of impact as party of your Professional Learning journeys.

Professional Review and Development

At the heart of the Professional Update is the PRD process. The formal PRD meeting provides a valuable opportunity for a focussed professional dialogue between reviewee and reviewer.

Coaching and Mentoring

In the specific context of teachers’ PRD, it is widely recognised that a coaching/mentoring approach is best suited to productive PRD meetings between line managers and their staff.

Practitioner Enquiry

Engaging in Practitioner Enquiry offers a number of benefits to the teacher as an individual, the school and wider educational community.


For further information about Professional Update, contact:

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