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Professional Update for Centrally Deployed Staff

Not all those registered with GTC Scotland are involved in day to day teaching although many retain a direct engagement in education as a result of supporting teachers, schools and the teaching and learning needs, and/or the broader education agenda in some way.

Their continued registration is a commitment to the important role they play in maintaining and enhancing the standards set for the teaching profession as a whole. This enables them to confirm their continued understanding of relevant aspects of the Professional Standards and engagement in professional learning but it is not necessary or appropriate for them to confirm this by active classroom practice.

Professional Update Requirements

Professional Update for this group is exactly the same as that of any other fully registered teacher. Therefore individuals working in centrally deployed posts should:

  • On an ongoing basis:
    Self-evaluation against the appropriate GTCS
    Engagement in ongoing Professional Learning 
    Engagement in the Professional Review and Development process
    Maintaining a reflective professional learning record and associated evidence of impact of impact
  • On an annual basis: updating your details held on the GTCS register including checking your personal and employment details are up to date
  • On a 5-yearly basis: signing off to confirm engagement in the process with GTCS (individual and line manager)

Centrally Deployed Staff and Professional Review and Development

As a centrally deployed registered teacher there is often a need to support the professional learning of teachers who are school based. It is however equally important that centrally deployed staff are given the opportunity to consider their own professional learning needs set in a context of effective professional review and development. Like any other teacher centrally deployed staff should take time to consider the standards and how they apply to them in their particular situation.

GTC Scotland has validated Professional Review and Development (PRD) across local authorities and other national bodies to ensure that they meet the principles of Professional Update and to establish arrangements regarding those registered with GTC Scotland and who are employed centrally, including those who participate in corporate PRD schemes. Processes have been developed by employers which support the principles of Professional Update, address local needs and importantly avoid duplication between systems.

The system of recording to be used will vary and so a discussion will be required with the employer about the specific system in place to enable recording of professional learning and the completion of the Professional Update sign off and to identify who will undertake their PRD. Where an employer has an existing system, or if a corporate system is being used, there is no requirement for duplication of information on the professional learning record. Centrally deployed staff are often required to take part in a corporate scheme which may also include the consideration of a range of standards. In these circumstances the range of standards including the GTC Scotland Professional Standards can be the focus of discussion and used to help support the identification of professional learning as part of the Professional Update process.

Identifying the Link to the Standards

Sometimes agreed PRD targets agreed with centrally deployed staff may not immediately feel directly relevant to aspects of Professional Update, for example;

  • To conduct a review of the school estate
  • To improve attendance levels across the service

These targets might appear to have no obvious link within the GTCS Professional Standards. However, the targets clearly require strategic leadership and effective management. This naturally allows for a focus on and link to the area of resources within the Leadership and Management Standard:

  • (4.1) Professional actions and specifically to establish and use processes to gather information from stakeholders to inform improvement strategies and in terms of the school estate
  • (4.5) allocate resources effectively in line with the identified strategic and operational priorities in terms of the attendance target.
  • Engaging with the Standards

Engaging in ongoing professional learning is a key part of the Professional Update process. For those registrants who are in a centrally deployed post it is equally important that they continue to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities. Using the Professional Learning model and the Professional Learning wheel can be a useful approach in considering and planning your professional learning. Recent developments in terms of the Research area and in particular the Education Source and the EducationHub can be a useful source of information.


For further information about Professional Update, contact:

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