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Self-evaluation Wheel: Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges

Using the wheel

  • Consider each point on the wheel in turn
  • Think about where you might gauge yourself on the wheel: 0 = really not confident/lots of areas to develop or work on; 10 = feel very confident/accomplished in this area. Think about ‘why’ you place yourself on that point
  • Looking at areas you have identified, what should/could be your next steps to help take PU forward?

Self-evaluation - College lecturers Coaching Wheel

You can download and print the above coaching wheel:

Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges

Initial Professional Standards for Guidance and Support

  1. Identify learners' needs and provide appropriate guidance and support, referring to specialists where appropriate.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the lecturer's guidance and support roles, responsibilities and boundaries and how they relate to the remits of guidance tutors and other specialists.
  3. Promote and facilitate equality of opportunity and access to learning by providing effective guidance and support in line with an institution’s policies and procedures.
  4. Apply a critical understanding of the principles, nature, purposes and stages of guidance and support.
  5. Obtain and use feedback from learners to evaluate and develop their own practice in guidance and support.

Initial Professional Standards for Planning and Preparing the Learning

  1. Plan engaging, inclusive and creative learning opportunities that demonstrate a critical understanding of curriculum design and alignment, theories of learning, teaching and assessment, and knowledge of existing practice.
  2. Plan with learners contextualised learning and teaching taking account of the needs of learners and their development of essential skills.
  3. Design, produce and adapt to learner needs: a range of effective, engaging learning and teaching and assessment activities that builds on existing practice, motivates learners and also takes account of supportive technologies.
  4. Evaluate and select appropriate resources from a wide range of sources.
  5. Design, justify and implement a strategy to promote professional reflection and evaluation of the learner experience.
  6. Plan strategies to promote sustainable development.

Initial Professional Standards for Teaching/Facilitating Learning

  1. Create and maintain an interactive, supportive and safe learning environment that promotes learning.
  2. Communicate effectively and develop an ethos of mutual respect with learners, fellow curriculum team members and other professionals and external agencies to promote learning and positive behaviour.
  3. Implement effectively a broad range of strategies to promote active and independent learning at various levels by using different modes of delivery and technologies.
  4. Identify and take appropriate actions to address the collective and individual needs of learners.
  5. Promote positive attitudes to human diversity and global citizenship through accessible learning and teaching resources.
  6. Use learning, teaching and assessment and feedback strategies and resources effectively to meet diverse learning needs.
  7. Implement a range of strategies to evaluate the quality and impact of teaching on the learning experience and reflect on the implications for future practice.

Initial Professional Standards for Assessment

  1. Devise suitable assessment strategies based on a critical understanding of the principles, purposes, means and terminology of assessment.
  2. Design, produce and use a range of assessment instruments taking account of individual learners' needs.
  3. Evaluate and justify a range of assessment instruments having taken account of individual learners’ needs.
  4. Measure and record progress and attainment of learners.
  5. Use assessment feedback to and from learners to inform practice and promote learning.
  6. Use performance indicators to inform the evaluation of learning and teaching.
  7. Comply with internal and external policies and procedures for assessment and verification.

Initial Professional Standards for Quality and Standards

  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the principles, purposes and processes of quality assurance and improvement, enhancement and sector good practice.
  2. Implement effectively college arrangements for quality assurance and improvement and enhancement as an individual and as a member of a team.
  3. Contribute effectively to the quality functions of curriculum teams by agreeing targets, formulating action plans (individual and team), following through and evaluating their impact.
  4. Use an appropriate range of evidence to identify strengths and areas for enhancement, weaknesses and areas for improvement at individual, team and college levels.
  5. Agree targets, formulate individual action plans and contribute to team plans to address identified areas for improvement and enhancement.

Initial Professional Standards for Professional Practice and Development

  1. Evaluate critically how education is influenced by, and contributes toward, policies that impact upon the wider political, social, economic, cultural and technological context.
  2. Critically reflect on personal values and how they align with and support the values and ethics that underpin professional practice.
  3. Understand the roles, rights and responsibilities of the lecturer and apply them to their professional practice.
  4. Comply with all applicable statutory requirements and relevant codes of practice and apply them to their professional practice.
  5. Promote good practice in relation to equality, social and cultural diversity and the protection and welfare of children, young people and vulnerable learners.
  6. Manage self, relationships and work demands to promote personal, emotional and physical well-being.
  7. Engage purposely in reflective practice.
  8. Identify and undertake relevant professional development to enhance practice and maintain currency; develop and commit to personal continuing professional development strategies to achieve individual, team and organisational goals.


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