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Self-evaluation Wheel: Professional Actions in Career-Long Professional Learning

Using the wheel

  • Consider each point on the wheel in turn
  • Think about where you might gauge yourself on the wheel: 0 = really not confident/lots of areas to develop or work on; 10 = feel very confident/accomplished in this area. Think about ‘why’ you place yourself on that point
  • Looking at areas you have identified, what should/could be your next steps to help take PU forward?

Self-evaluation - Career-Long Professional Learning Coaching Wheel

You can download and print the above coaching wheel:

The Professional Actions in Career-Long Professional Learning

Pedagogy, Learning and Subject Knowledge

  • demonstrate deep subject knowledge and pedagogical leadership;
  • lead curriculum development with a deep understanding of the place of subject knowledge and the wider purposes of education;
  • demonstrate a critical understanding of approaches to teaching and learning, pedagogy and practice;
  • deploy an enhanced understanding of pedagogy and how constructive relationships with learners can be developed;
  • demonstrate a critical understanding of digital technologies and how these can be used to support learning;
  • understand and develop the most appropriate contexts and environments for learning including outdoor learning, and be able to apply appropriate pedagogies for these environments.

Curriculum and Assessment

  • understand and apply the principles of curriculum and assessment design to address changing educational needs;
  • lead and collaborate with others to plan innovative curricular programmes;
  • lead and work with others to ensure effective practice in the assessment of learning, including a deep knowledge and understanding of the policies and practices of assessment as required by awarding bodies.

Enquiry and Research

  • develop and apply expertise, knowledge and understanding of research and impact on education;
  • develop and apply expertise, knowledge, understanding and skills to engage in practitioner enquiry to inform pedagogy, learning and subject knowledge;
  • lead and participate in collaborative practitioner enquiry.

Educational contexts and current debates in policy, education and practice

  • understand and explore the contexts and complexity in which teachers operate and the dynamic and complex role(s) of professionals within the educational community;
  • actively consider and critically question the development(s) of policy in education;
  • develop culture where learners meaningfully participate in decisions related to their learning and school;
  • develop and apply political literacy and political insight in relation to professional practice, educational change and policy development.

Sustaining and Developing Professional Learning

  • develop skills of rigorous and critical self-evaluation, reflection and enquiry including how to investigate and evidence impact on learners and professional practice;
  • commit to on-going career-long professional learning, including postgraduate study as appropriate;
  • lead and contribute to the professional learning of all colleagues, including students and probationers.

Learning for Sustainability

  • understand the environmental, social and economic conditions of learners to inform teaching and learning;
  • have a critical understanding of and engage with the ways in which natural, social, cultural, political and economic systems function and are interconnected;
  • develop the knowledge, skills and practices needed to take decisions which are compatible with a sustainable future in a just and equitable world;
  • connect learners to their dependence on the natural world and develop their sense of belonging to both the local and global community.

Professional Values and Personal Commitment

  • How are the Professional Values reflected in my Professional Actions?
  • How have my professional values been developed and informed by knowledge and experience?
  • How do I critically reflect on my own assumptions, beliefs and values?
  • Who am I as a teacher? What has influenced me? What sustains me?

Social Justice


Trust and Respect

Professional Commitment


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